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Top quality training from experienced, qualified instructors.

Training from well qualified and experienced instructors.

Latest updates:

  • The CPC cycle is coming to an end by September 2024 - get your CPC training in now to avoid the last minute rush.  Contact for CPC courses, and get the best rates. ONLINE CPC ONLY £40 per session, in person £50 per session. 

CPC Updates:

The current CPC cycle is coming to an end in September.  Make sure you don't leave it too late, it gets busy towards September! FWT offers both online courses and in person courses, so you can choose your preferred method.  Next year, the CPC will branch into an international or EU CPC (which is what is currently in place, 35 hours over 5 years), and a domestic CPC (same 35 hours, but you can sit them in 3.5 hour units).  Eventually towards 2026 a periodic test will be available, costing between £40 and £70, sat in a driving test centre.

FWT offers a range of CPC modules, including:

Checks and Security

Image and Eco Driving

Emergency Aid and Fire Marshal

Driver's hours and Tachographs

Lifestyle and Licences

Vulnerable Road Users

Emergency First Aid at Work (with certificate)

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor Consultancy and Services

We are proud to offer DGSA services to businesses and organisations throughout the UK.

Even if your business doesn't legally require one, we can assist with advising on all aspects of transporting dangerous goods, including training to any staff.

We can provide a Compliance Audit to ensure your business is legal with respect to dangerous goods, and provide a report highlighting any requirements that need to be met.

If you are new to dangerous goods, or want to have the security in the knowledge of having a very well qualified and experienced DGSA on your team, contact us straight away.


CPC classroom: £50

CPC online: £40

Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day): £50

First Aid at Work (3 days): £150

ADR course (initial, including tankers): £575

ADR Audits: £200.00 per year

ADR Consultancy - depending on level of service, contact us

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor training: £350.00 (not including books, exams)

DVSA Approved Driver assessments: £150 (discounts available)

DVSA Approved Driver Assessor training (4 day course): £1000.00

Call, message or email to book your place.

Training in various locations in Yorkshire, plus on site.

Get training in your business!


Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor services

Driver Assessment

Driver Assessor Training

Dangerous Goods (ADR) Initial and Refresher

Dangerous Goods Awareness

Dangerous Goods Security

Dangerous Goods Consignor

Fire Marshal CPD

Drivers Hours and Tachographs CPD

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)

First Aid at Work (FAW initial and refresher)

Automated External Defibrillator (AED, PAD)

Top quality approved (Grade 1 - the best), experienced, certified and insured expert trainers. Our trainers are highly qualified with experience in the field and have a passion to deliver great courses.

Returning to lorry driving? Excellent prospects at the moment!  What do you need to do?


Passed your lorry driving test before 2009? You need a CPC (you can do the periodic training right here to do that), and you need Category C or C+E (driving test!). 

Not sure any of it makes sense? Drop us a line / message / email / whatsapp us to find out more!

Loaded European truck on motorway in bea


"Steve's knowledge of the industry , and every other subject is second to none. I was a bit apprehensive to be honest , having never been on a zoom meeting before. Steve did a marvellous job of keeping us all engaged in the course from start to finish . Every day was educational ,and at times it felt like a session with a lifestyle coach as well as a driver cpc. I enjoyed the the relaxed but informative atmosphere he managed to create within the group, and will be spreading the word amongst my road haulage industry friends. Fifth wheel training has got to be one top CPC providers in the UK today. Many thanks to Steve and the rest of your team."

—  Rich, Zooming

Training throughout East Yorkshire and North Yorkshire

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