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Driver CPC

We offer a full range of driver CPC courses throughout the Yorkshire area and beyond. 

£50 per person per day, or £225 for a whole 35 hour course.

Zoom CPC training £45 per person per day, £200 for a full 35 hour course.

Book directly online or email / message us!

CPC modules

Vehicle Checks and Defects

Everything the driver (and operators) need to know about vehicle checks and compliance with HSE.

Economical Driving

Increasing profits, reducing loss and in the process potentially earning more money and being environmentally aware.

Driver Hours

Summarises the basics of the European, GB domestic, AETR and RTWTR regulations, and can be upgraded to CPD.

Licences, Weights and Dimensions

Lots of information on the different aspects of licencing and certification for professional drivers.


Increasing security awareness and reducing crime on commercial vehicles. Complies with PAS:29000 guidance (2021)

Emergency First Aid at Work

Covers the basics of first aid and basic lifesaving skills. This course can be upgraded to CPD and First Aid status.


Summarises all there is to know in operating analogue, digital and smart tachographs. 

Health and Safety

Covering many aspects of the basics of health and safety in the workplace.

Company and Public Image

The driver is the ambassador for the company.  How can we improve customer service, reduce stress and road rage.

Fire Marshal

How to be compliant with HSE regulations, preventing fires and what to do in emergency scenarios. Can be upgraded to a CPD course.

Tiredness, Diet and Lifestyle

A very important topic helping drivers keep healthy physically and mentally.

Vulnerable Road Users

Produced with FORS, a full day course focussing on protecting VRUs. 

What can FWT do for you?

We diligently follow the latest syllabus on the Government's website that can be seen here:

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) syllabus - GOV.UK (

Drivers are not to repeat courses within any training block except for good reason.  Drivers can find out what training they have had within the last training block by phoning 0300 123 7721 or by going here:

Check your Driver CPC periodic training hours - GOV.UK (

Fifth Wheel Training can take care of all your training needs by making sure you don't repeat units between training days.  We offer this service for individual drivers who train with us, and organisations and businesses.

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