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February 13 News

Road conditions and quality

Of highways both centrally maintained (motorways and trunk A roads) and locally maintained B roads have both increased, following the trend in recent years. Less local authorities have roads in poor condition. See the report at Road Conditions in England to March 2019 (

Trial E-Scooters

More on this – as promised! York is part of the trial scheme. You need a Q on your licence and are limited to 15.5mph. Insurance must be arranged, s-scooters may be used on cycle lanes and roads, but not pavements. Helmets and protective gear are not compulsory. More road users for professional drivers to keep an eye out for – these are potentially the most vulnerable (and dangerous) users that may appear. For a full list of all towns and cities where the trials operate, see E-scooter trials: guidance for users - GOV.UK (

Electric vehicle charging points

Get a boost of £20 million, increasing the chargers to just under 8000. Preparing the way for fossil fuel vehicles to be stopped being produced / sold from 2030. More at Government powers up electric vehicle revolution with £20 million chargepoints boost - GOV.UK (

Category 1 goods haulage

This category is government secured and one which is critical to the perseveration of human and/or animal welfare and/or national security. An exclusive list for this category, which now includes:

Department of Health and Social Care (including medicine, vaccines, baby milk formula, transplants

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (veterinary medicines)

The following are not government-secured, but are category 1:

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (critical food chain dependencies (such as chemicals and key additives), water purification and treatment

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (critical chemicals for use within the energy sector, and critical parts for the same)

Ministry of Defence – any supplies!

Haulier advice site locations

These have been updated, and now are as follows (Haulier advice site locations - GOV.UK (

Site COVID-19 & testing hours

Beaconsfield - 6am to 9.30pm

Burtonwood (Merseyside) - 6am to 9.30pm

Cambridge Services - 24 hours (COVID-19 testing only)

Cannock Roadking No testing

Carlisle Stobart Truck Stop - 4am to 9.30pm

Charnock Richard Services northbound - 6am to 9.30pm

Cherwell Valley - 6am to 9.30pm

Clacket Lane eastbound - 24 hours

Cullompton - 6am to 9.30pm

Doncaster North - 6am to 9.30pm

Donington Park - 6am to 9.30pm

Ferrybridge Services - 6am to 9.30pm

Fleet southbound - 6am to 9.30pm

Formula Services (Ellesmere Port) - No testing

Hartshead Moor (Huddersfield) - 6am to 9.30pm

Heywood Distribution Truck Stop - 6am to 9.30pm

Holyhead Truck Stop - No testing

Hopwood Park - 4am to 9.30pm

Junction 38 Services - 6am to 9.30pm

Leicester Forest East northbound - 6am to 9.30pm

Leicester Forest East southbound - 6am to 9.30pm

Lockerbie Truck Stop - No testing

Markham Moor - No testing

Membury eastbound - 6am to 9.30pm

Orwell Crossing Truck Stop - 4am to 9.30pm

Peterborough - 4am to 9.30pm (Busy – you may experience delays)

Pont Abraham - No testing

Reading Eastbound - 24 hours

Rothwell Truck Stop - 6am to 9.30pm (Busy – you may experience delays)

Rownhams northbound - 24 hours

Rugby Stobart Truck Stop - 24 hours (Busy – you may experience delays)

Sandbach northbound - 6am to 9.30pm

Sandbach southbound - 6am to 9.30pm

South Mimms - 24 hours

Stafford northbound - 6am to 9.30pm

Strensham northbound - 6am to 9.30pm

Strensham southbound - 6am to 9.30pm

Sutton Scotney northbound - 6am to 9.30pm

Sutton Scotney southbound - 6am to 9.30pm

Tamworth Services - 6am to 9.30pm

The Stockyard Truckstop Rotherham - 6am to 9.30pm, Monday to Friday (7am to 11am and 4pm to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday)

Thurrock Services - 24 hours (Busy – you may experience delays)

Truckhaven (Carnforth) - 6am to 9.30pm

Watford Gap northbound - No testing

Watford Gap southbound - 6am to 9.30pm (Busy – you may experience delays)

Wetherby Services - 6am to 9.30pm

Woodall northbound - 6am to 9.30pm

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