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November News Roundup!

The year is almost over and most of us would rather forget 2020!

However, there have been some important changes that have happened, that holders of a Driver Qualification Card need to be aware of (and other drivers in general!)

In March, DVSA launched a consultation in a bid to improve the implementation in the UK of Directive 2003/59/EC, where drivers were invited to give their thoughts and opinions on the current training format.

Drivers responded, and the DVSA have introduced a series of improvements to the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC).

These are namely:

  • allow 12 out of the 35 required hours to be e-learning (i.e. remote training like that during the lockdowns)

  • allow training programmes that align with drivers work such as dangerous goods and transport of passengers (i.e. ADR courses ALSO count towards CPC rather than requiring a double registration - drivers need to write to DVLA to obtain this dual qualification.)

  • allow an exemption for drivers in some industries including agriculture, horticulture, forestry and farming

  • continue to recognise Swiss Driver CPC and to allow a combination of UK or EU and Swiss training hours to be taken into account when determining if the minimum training has been completed.

The changes came into force on 22 July 2020.

With regards to CPCs, there have been constant complaints of repetition of courses towards the 35 hour requirement. A recent JAUPT audit highlighted this issue. It has now been brought into effect that drivers may not repeat the same CPC courses towards their 35 hour total, to the extent that if DVSA & JAUPT notice a driver attempting to repeat the same unit in their 35 hour training block, those repeated hours will not count unless there is a good reason for it.

This is a compelling reason to come to Fifth Wheel Training for all your requirements. We know what courses you have done previously (if you trained with us), so can allocate appropriate courses for drivers, even if it is over several years. We will look after the training schedules for individual drivers and also for whole businesses and organisations!

Drivers can of course check their own training records by going to the Government website here.

DfT announced changes to the Highway Code coming!

There will be significant changes coming our way soon. Responsibility for avoiding harm will be allocated according to the size and weight of the vehicle operated under the 'Hierarchy of Road Users' model. In the top group will be HGV/PCV, followed by vans and minibuses, then cars, taxis and motorbikes.

This will not mean that cyclists and horse riders (and horse drawn vehicles) get away with no responsibilities - in the absence of cars, this group is responsible towards pedestrians.

From a recent survey from the RAC, only 49% of drivers have looked at the highway code within the last 10 years.

Keep Fifth Wheel Training bookmarked for the latest updates - even better, why not subscribe for the latest info!

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